Hi Sheldon

So I’ve gotten to China, spent a brief 25 hours in Beijing, and now arrived in beautiful, smoggy Xi’an. Now what? Well shockingly Beijing actually had blue skies as you can see, what the hell’s up with that? Had a nice breakfast and then saw Chairman Mao’s memorial and the national museum, two sights I had never been to in Beijing before, so that was pretty sweet actually, we were treated to the whole history of China, some nice jades, and a whole room of monkey paintings (if you’re curious as to my hateful relationship with Chinese monkeys, just ask). Then took a bullet train to Xi’an where despite my better judgement, I slept for about four of the five hours. Fortunately, I was still able to sleep the whole night through which was some sorely needed recovery, hopefully that’s the jet lag beaten for good.

Today we mostly got situated at the university, took our diagnostic test, and met our language partners, a group of 16 local students who out of the goodness of their hearts have decided to help us clueless 老外’s find our way around Xi’an, get phones, subway cards etc. Mine is a delightful education grad student named He Nan who is also a huge foodie, we can already tell we’re going to get along super well. Came home, took a nap because I’m still tired AF, and then went to check out one of the local gyms. Suuuuuuper nice facility, yoga, dance, spinning, swimming, the works. Unfortunately it’s at least $4-500 for a six month membership. I’m sorely tempted, but that’s a good portion of my fun money, and assuming I can find a cheaper pool, I’ll be perfectly fine working out on my own. I’ll consider it, but thinking I won’t go for it.

In other news, literally everyone I’ve talked to (now that I’m not rocking a beard anymore) has said I look like Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory. Not a show that I’m overly familiar with, but it’s something new at least. Hope you all got a kick out of that. Anywho, hella tired, still some other 事 to 干,晚安!


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