Keep up the pace, plus moar Picturez!

The darndest thing this past week.  First of all it’s hard to believe it’s only been a week since I got to Beijing, just six hours over to be precise.  Feels like I’ve already done so much though in just this short week.  First of all my Chinese is coming back to me.  Not that it ever completely left, I feel pretty comfortable conversing with everyone and am getting a lot of complements from all the Chinese people (which is normal, you get complimented for just saying ni hao as a foreigner), but it feels comfortable to be operating in the language all day now, which is great.  I still make mistakes obviously, and my pronunciation needs work as always, but I rarely if ever have trouble getting myself understood, and again it’s only been a week.  Plenty of time to improve.

Other than that, I’ve gotten to know my classmates a lot better, liking them more, although, apologies if your reading this, there’s a certain lack of the down to earthiness that I’ve been so accustomed to growing up in Berkeley.  Loving it though.  Classes are a bit slow, but I’m still learning.

The other darndest thing though, is that though this whole wee has been nonstop between classes, hw, journaling, running, bonding etc.  If you know me, you know I love my me-time and my video games, which have been brief and nonexistant this week respectively.  I’m quite alright with it though, enjoying the challenge even.  I just hope I can keep up the momentum, I’m sure I’ll find a rhythm that works, I tend to.  I think the move to a mostly completely new environment has helped reset me somewhat though, reached another turning point and whatnot.

Recent events.  I’ve eaten a lot of good food.  Like a lot.  Particularly today.  Went to the Musilim quarter for the second time today after going with He Nan to her tutoring job.  Interesting to see what Chinese middle school kids are learning.  Essay reading in this case.  Seems pretty similar to the kinds of essays we were reading and analyzing in middle school.  Tutoring much more common in China than America though.  I assume at least, it’s not like I’m in middle school anymore.  Anyway, on the way back we met up with one of my classmates Jessamine and her language partner Qu Mei for another trip to the Muslim quarter, where we had snacks on snacks on snacks, some of which are captured in pictures below, and others include cow stomach, quail eggs on a stick, and fried bananas, all delicious.  Below you can also see the beautiful snow we were graced with on Friday.  Super pretty, the campus here is really nice, a lot more green than Harbin had.  Anyway.  I should maybe write a little more hw and/or go to bed early, going to the provincial museum tomorrow.  G’night and good luck!


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