Hey! It’s Jackie Chan!

So first impressions of Hong Kong.  My flight went well and am staying in Sai Ying Pun on the west side of the island. This area in particular looks, sounds, smells, and feels almost exactly like San Francisco’s Chinatown, so that’s kind of cool.  Cantonese food and language, hills upon hills, and sooooooooo many foreigners.  People had told me, but it barely resembles the mainland, which I’m alright with, I didn’t come expecting to find the mainland, which is why I wasn’t the biggest fan of Shanghai, so it’s a welcome new city that you really have to drink in.  Not literally, although there is alcohol galore as you would expect from a very western business city, but it’s just that  the scenery and atmosphere are so intense, so new, and so intriguing, that “drink in” is the only suitable verb in my opinion.

My first night I climbed Victoria Peak, the highest point on the island (altho I stopped at a lower summit) to see the nighttime skyline which was really really cool.  My knee felt alright for the hike, but throbbed a bit through the night, I may go and do an x-ray and/or MRI while I’m here.

Today was mostly taken up by the Dragon’s Back trail on the southeast side of the city.  yet another reason I’m loving this place already is because nature is just a short bus/subway ride away, just like in the  Bay.  Unfortunately the fog made it impossible to see the views, but it did give me a sort of isolated, alone on the top of the world feel which I liked a lot.  The trail ended at Shek O, a tiny surf/fishing village where I had a beer and a mango I had packed on the beach.  Damn fine time.  Came back, took a power nap, and went to see the “Symphony of Lights” which was a decidedly underwhelming laser show played on the HK skyline.  Got some street food, walked around, came back again to write blog 😀

Still liking the city a lot.  It was kind of crazy to find out that up until the British took it over the natives had pretty much cut down every single tree on the island for their fishing boats.  Now it’s still as green as could be, and I do love that green.  It’s also funny the difference in character between Central (downtown) and the other side of the island which is much less developed, but still wonderful and unique.  Yeah, I’m loving Hong Kong much more than I thought I would, on to more adventures tomorrow!  Some pictures wouldn’t upload, I’ll try to get them in the next batch.


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