Art and Taro

This post’s title comes from the main thing I consumed on the first of the two days it covers.  Yesterday I started with a walking tour of Sheung Wan (the district where the British first planted their flag).  The area is super hipstery, with coffee shops, tea shops, a craft beer store, and street graffiti galore (pics below).  I popped into one of the teashops for some delicious tea and a tasty scone.  Popped into some temples and then had a late lunch at the Luk Yu Teahouse, allegedly one of Hong Kong’s most famous restaurants.  I had shrimp dumplings in a chicken broth which were honestly one of the most delicious things ever.  Perfectly done and well worth the wait.  The afternoon took me to the Hong Kong museum of history, which had some super interesting stuff to say about the cities history.  From its four distinct ethnicities, to its occupation by the Japanese and reconstruction, a lot of stuff that I didn’t know all presented wonderfully.  Made Indian food that night (came out alright, I’m quite out of practice).  Chill day.

Come to today, started with a half-day trip to Lamma Island, which lies to the south of Hong Kong island and home to a surprising amount of expats.  I walked about half the island, from one small fishing village to the larger town on the other side passing beautiful sights, beaches (the sites of some of the earliest settlers to Hong Kong tens or hundreds of millenia ago) and a huge wind power plant on the way.  I could totally live there, maybe in retirement, although I should maybe check again in the summer and see how I feel.  The hike was completely serene, just the sound of birds and frogs as I paced the mostly deserted trail. The pace of life there is slow, it’s only a half hour ferry away from downtown Hong Kong, and has oodles delicious delicious food.  After my walk I sat down at a beachside dim sum place and had a pot of tea, a shrimp rap and a 包子 (baozi, bao-dz, bao) on the water before heading back to the city.  Had a coffee with one of a group of study abroad students I met at the museum the previous day and then did a bit of shopping and came back here to write this blog :D.  Should really do some homework though.  Anyway, pictures speak the majority of the day, I’ve just been having a blast. Some of the pictures don’t really work so I’ll attach them as I can.  Don’t really know what else to say.  Had a great day, going to Shenzhen after that.


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