Sad news

We interrupt our already interrupted programming (I had a lot of stuff to do, I promise I’ll catch up), with a sad announcement.

My best friend’s dad John Leonard passed away this weekend all too suddenly.  I could write more, but suffice to say he was a true Renaissance man who is one of my continuing inspirations for studying Chinese and a source of confidence when I decide to take a risk in a new direction.  He was the picture of health and happiness, always a source of joy and a good time.  Below is a poem I wrote (with some help) and a translation more coherent than you’re likely to get from Google/Baidu Translate.


Bad news came at dawn, as sudden and shocking as lightning
I learned with sorrow that the fisherman had left riding a crane*
I can still hear his words, still feel his touch
I just wish I had the chance for a goodbye drink.

*(classical Chinese euphemism for the death of a wise and virtuous individual)

Well John, here’s that drink, and the drinks I was having at about the time you passed, I hope some of that joy reaches you.  Miss you immensely and be well.



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