Chinese Medicine

So this a post about all of the things I’ve put into my body recently.  I mentioned that I had come down with something recently, not sure if it’s a fever or a cold, but it’s dropped my voice about two octaves and makes the heat even more sweaty.  (And caused difficulties with the oral test yesterday, but I did fine).

Fortunately I’m on the mend, possibly due to this.


I don’t know what it is, but one of my classmates gave it to me, from her language partner from Guangxi (Just west of Guangdong/Canton, which you can tell because 西(xi) means west while 东 (dong) means east. Isn’t Chinese great!) All in all there are four pairs of these directional provinces: Hubei/Hunan (north (北 bei) and 南(nan) south for north and south of the lake, Hebei and Henan (north and south of the river), and Shandong and Shanxi (east and west of the mountains).  There are a couple of other similarly named provinces like Jiangxi and Shaanxi, but I’m not sure what happened to their partners if they ever existed.

But I digress, you soak the seeds in hot water for a somewhat earthy tonic that seems to have helped?  Other fun things I’ve eaten include dried kiwis which are somewhat of a local specialty and so god damn delicious, I think of them as tasty emeralds.  Just as precious and a whole lot more nutritious.


The more interesting thing happened earlier today when I went to go see the doc about my ankle which I sprained a week ago and has not recovered since (partly because I keep tetweaking it :() Anywho, they first gave me a salve, which I’ve been using, and then sent me to “recovery”  where they stuck needles in my foot and then hooked them up to an electric current. The needles didn’t hurt going in at all, but the moment the current started my little toes contracted and I couldn’t move them (I was told not to move them so that was fine actually).  Besides that “things”, I’m not sure what, just started moving inside my foot, and I was a little paranoid some permanent damage would be caused.  About 10 minutes into the 30 minute session though, a warmth right in the injured area (on the bottom side of the joint) started, very comfy and very targeted.  Overall, very effective I think, and incredibly targeted, have to check back in as to whether or not it ends up working.

In other news, classes have stopped and inbetween studying I got to take a trip with a group of students from Beijing Normal University (I’m at Shaanxi Normal) to the folk art museum and serve as interpreter for those of them who didn’t speak Chinese.  It’s a very impressive museum where they’ve assembled over 8,600 horse posts (posts for tying up your horse back in the day that have great cultural significance) and a lot of houses that have been transported and reassembled.  The entire complex is gorgeous and unfortunately out in the middle of bum-flip nowhere.  Serving as an interpreter was also pretty fun, I’ve only done simultaneous interpretation once before and the second time wasn’t much easier.  Still fun though.

Lastly, my friend Jiawei from the FACES conference is in town to visit, so been showing him around and it honestly feels really cool to feel more local in this city than an actual Chinese person.  (Admittedly he’s been living in the states for the past four years and just finished his Master’s at Johns Hopkins SAIS, but still.




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