A Quick Update

Finals are done!  And they weren’t bad at all!  That’s about all I have to say really, chill tests I didn’t have to kill myself prepping for.

Last week though I did get to go to a concert on the new campus, which is about thirty minutes south of my campus in good traffic and a lot shinier than the original campus where I am.  It was some sort of end of year recital by the music faculty, one each of violin, viola, cello, and bass with two guitars and a percussionist who spend his time switching between melodica, those boxes you sit on, and congas.  Some amazing music.  They opened with Astor Piazzola’s Libertango which I have had the pleasure of performing, and never though I’d hear played by a Chinese group.  Have a listen and a watch.

They played some other movie songs, some of which I recognized like the theme from Hayao Miyazaki’s “Howl’s Moving Castle” and a sort of Latin arrangement of “My Favorite Things” which was also freaking amazing.  I’ll leave you with John Coltrane’s version here just cus it’s wonderful.


I’m currently in Beijing prepping for the “Chinese Bridge Competition” which I got to compete in rather by accident.  I’m not really prepared and am rather terrified, so lets see how things go.  As far as I know I have to give a 90 second speech, do a minute long talent (which is a problem seeing as my prepared piece is close to three minutes), perform a skit, and answer some trivia.  And if I do well enough I get to stay for another round.  Really I’m just here to have fun though, we’ll see how things go.  More details and pictures when I have them.


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