Sacrifice for Art

So while we’ve been working on all of this talent, scripts, and other things, it’s all been with directors.  Why directors? I’m sure you may have figured out as quickly as I did, it’s because we’re not necessarily here to test our Chinese and display our talents, we’re here to make good television, on the official state channel no less. How much that plays into who stays in and who gets eliminated remains to be seen.

At the request of the makeup people, I’ve also been told to shave down to a goatee to be more similar to classical Chinese facial hair.  Unfortunately I didn’t bring my shaving soap, oh the sacrifices we make for art.



And after


Never tried out a goatee before, open to constructive criticism, including “Oh dear god shave that monstrosity right now.”

Other examples of the tailoring of the spectacle, we have a guy on a keyboard making accompanying music for every single talent.  It’s gonna be a big production.  Given how much time this is taking up, I’m surprised to not see anyone looking as ragged as I’m feeling.  They probably have more enthusiasm than me, or a more sustaining sense of cynicism. And most of the directors don’t get breaks all day.  Helps to be getting paid for it I suppose.  Speaking of which, I found out yesterday from them that we’ll be being broadcast on CCTV 4, which is broadcast internationally, I’ll be sure to publicize the broadcast date and time when I have it.  If not I’m sure it will end up on the internet at some point.

Yesterday afternoon we had the opening ceremony and rehearsed our entrances.  All twelve teams will enter together before the first four compete (Beijing, Liaoning, Nanjing, and Asia), so I’ll be on camera tomorrow however briefly.

Then had a rehearsal of the 知识会 (zhishi hui, jer sher hwei, knowledge section) which is basically a quiz show complete with podiums as you can see below.  On the day we’ll also all be wearing polos that match the color of our podiums.  Incidentally as well, the stage had a massive leap in progress from yesterday, would look very professional if it weren’t for the plastic chairs for the audience.  I’ll admit, this section of the post was previously written and then got deleted, so I’m not actually sure what I still need to write.  Anyway,

Seems to be selfie day, more pics.  Got to try on my clothing for the talent and story portions, blue is talent, orange is story, both are long, flowy, and comfy.  This post probably feels a bit disjointed and not perfectly planned.  If so then I’ve successfully conveyed to you my readers the feeling this event gives to me.


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