Break a Leg

It has begun.  The audience came, the guest judges are here, and the stage is ready (hopefully).  Today (at the time of writing) was the first day, so we all showed up to go on stage and then 2/3rds left to keep rehearsing/watching.

While we were waiting backstage to get lined up to go out, one of the African guys started up a drum circle, which was probably the best thing that had happened so far, and definitely the highlight of the day.  Everyone joined in with clapping, some people started dancing, and my Brazilian teammate and I threw in some capoeira which was a nice thing I haven’t done in ages.  Highlight of the day and a great way to let off stress before going on stage, and cool to see everyone coming together like that.  Some good dancers on the teams too, but not sure if anyone knows salsa. (The only thing I can dance well).

We had to restart the entry were we walk in by team too, so that was funny.  All 12 teams walked out to our theme song (called “I’m not a foreigner” and apparently composed for this event, it’s kind of hilarious) then all but the first four teams competing today left the venue.  I went to prep some more, ate dinner, and came back at close to 8pm to find out that the filming which was supposed to end at 6 is only 2/3rds done.  Those poor judges, contestants, and audience members.

I’m a little more nervous for the performance now, quiz portion especially, but it’ll be what it’ll be, and it’ll be cool to see everyone’s talents.

I also had a wonderful moment when I told myself to stop comparing myself to everyone and it actually worked. I just felt a wave of peace wash over me.  This was unfortunately replaced by a terrible mood when I tried to do some calligraphy in prep for our skit.  PSA: I am terrible at calligraphy.  Most of you are probably familiar with my atrocious handwriting, my calligraphy’s no better, and where I’m normally a fairly patient person, I have no patience for the process of writing with brush and ink, nor for myself.  Maybe one day I’ll have a breakthrough, but I really needed to punch a wall.

Speaking of which, team Asia killed the first round today on talents, got to watch from the wings, they had a Korean doing phenomenal crosstalk, Beijing opera, folk singing, a lute song, and dancing.  The judges were not so kind, it’s a little rigged I think, and I guess they lose points for looking Asian? That’s what some have said. Beijing ended up winning for the day and moving on automatically, while Nanjing was outright taken out.  The other two teams are on standby and have to wait and see if they get to move on.

Meanwhile we were up until 3am rehearsing for today (one day later) which is when we’ll be going onstage in about an hour, I’ll be back to tell you how that went.


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