What is Good Television?

And it’s done!  The skit went rather well, and it was a blast to get made up in historical costume, and we had the best talent score.  Deserved if I do say so myself, the twins killed it, one did a long spouted teapot routine which was phenomenal, I’ll link a video, the sister has a wonderful signing voice, Rodri our Brazilian teacher was a rock star on the guitar, I pulled off my tongue twister and got some great laughs out of the audience, followed by a drum performance and a love song to close things out.

We got slammed on the knowledge portion due to technicalities and the Australians being really fast on the buzzer.  Some other bad luck and silly mistakes lead to us scoring very poorly, and the Australians, who I had honestly kind of written off, took a flying lead

Talent failed to even things out, but I did my  best and felt really great about it. What’s more, one of the three judges, a CCTV news reporter who was very critical of everyone’s language (naturally) said I was the best person to do a tongue twister, which was surprising praise and made me feel great.

Australia moved on and Guangzhou is out (sadly, they were good), which leaves us and Xi’an on standby as well.  While I imagine our low overall points will keep us from moving on, that’s not necessarily how things work, and there’s apparently a chance I could get a spot in the individual competition?  We’ll see.  Lastly, one of the Xi’an team’s members from Mongolia had a birthday, so the crew brought out a cake at the end which we all ended up sharing. 🙂

As far as my personal feelings, overall I got a good individual score as felt I did well, so whatever results I’m happy.  I noticed myself getting competitive during the knowledge portion though.  And a little angry we made some silly mistakes/got unlucky.  Calmed down by the end of it.  And seeing as we seem to have made it to the next round, my goals are completely completed, from here on out it’s even more 100% about learning and having fun.  Things I’ve learned so far: how to deal with this rigged environment (namely: have fun and know that my input has limited effect on the outcome), things about people from other countries (they’re all pretty tight and accomplished), that I should really work on my Russian, cus I would love to have conversations with the Russian speaking contestants, and that I’ve got a minor talent for crosstalk/chinese tongue twisters. I guess it might be because I speak very fast in Chinese (and in English as I’m sure you’ve noticed). While normally this is an issue, it’s a benefit in crosstalk as long as I enunciate clearly, which apparently I can 😀

Also gained even more firsthand empathy for people in the entertainment industry.  It’s a rough job.as I was aware.  Mad props to all out there who do it.


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