Curtains Down

I have to apologize for the quality and disjointed quality of my latest posts.  Between a funky schedule and writing the posts in part on my phone during the days as thoughts come to me, the finished products, if not heavily edited, are not great writing.  I’ll probably do a more cohesive wrap up post when this is is all finished.

After watching the last round of competitions today, my main regret is that I didn’t talk more on stage. I chalk that up to fatigue and the remnants of the calligraphic bad mood.  The teams today spoke a ton, really played the audience, and will probably get tons of audience votes (in the future at time of writing).  In particular one Iranian girl on the Hamgzhou team who is the definition of Chinese demureness and is reeling in audience love like it’s about to be out of stock.

I don’t regret the missed points (although I would have gotten a lot of questions right that I missed had I been in a more alert state of mind), I more regret the chance to speak more Chinese publically, which I really do enjoy sometimes.  Ah well, suppose I’m going through a period in life where I’m even more introverted than normal (I’ve noticed as much in Xi’an).

Fortunately the internship back in Xi’an will hopefully give a chance for a bit of a reset, as will the move to Harbin.

Side note: I really hate how Chinese audiences always insist on clapping on one and three regardless of the type of music that’s playing. It offends me on principle as a former jazz musician.

And the verdict is in, my prediction is right and we haven’t moved on.  The six teams for the semifinals then are Australia, Chengdu, Beijing, Africa, Asia, and Hangzhou.  Just goes to show you can’t predict this stuff, I had kind of written off Chengdu and Australia.  Once more though, I had a blast, and still have a day or two more in Beijing during which I’m hoping to eat Peking duck, go shopping on the Russian street, and see an old middle shool classmate who happens to be interning here.


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