Let’s meet the judges

Lets talk about some stuff, namely food.  But also booze and celebrities.  Jeez, this blog is becoming a trashy celebrity news site.  Actually, I’ll do food later.

So I mentioned celebrity guest judges on the show, here’s a big of a rundown on their bios.

First up was Li Zimeng, the main announcer for CCTV, and a face well known to China.  As I said, having her complement my diction and delivery was a huge validation.  Her duty as judge was mainly to critique contestants’ spoken language skills.

__1 (51)

Next up is Li Bo, who is somewhat of a celebrity academic, and an expert on Chinese history, the history of Chinese characters/language, and Chinese culture in general.  He’s appeared in a bunch of quiz shows on the above topics and is pretty well known, he got a big gasp from the audience when his name was introduced (as did the rest of the judges).

__1 (54)

The third judge changed day to day.  For our day it was a violinist surnamed Lv, who I unfortunately didn’t get the full name of which made finding him online rather difficult.  But he was nice and gave a cool performance during one of the breaks.

The guest judge for the third day I did get the name of is Sa Ri Na, a famous Mongolian (ethnically) actress who was very kind with her scores and gave a wonderful poem reading accompanied by an erhu and throat singer (which was SO cool to hear live).


Lastly is the MC, who happens to be the host of 最强大脑 (zui qiang danao, dzwei chee-ang da nao, lit. Sharpest Mind) which is a very famous quiz show.  Jiang Changjian is a pretty effective MC, although he did have to pause several times to do second takes.

__1 (53)

Food next post, which might be later today.


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