Working Man (Kind of)

First day at work at Virtuos Games.  They’re a games company (as you might guess) with offices in Asia, Europe, and North America.  They’ve done work on a lot of big titles in the past few years since their founding in 2004: Watchdogs, various AAA sports games, the Batman Arkham Asylum series, and CG work for a lot of blockbuster movies (Transformers 4, the Avengers, Pacific Rim) ranging from a single car or body to hundreds of props and other elements.

They were cofounder by a former member of Ubisoft, a French game company, and Bao Bo, a veteran of the then fledgling Chinese gaming industry.

Unlike my classmates who were placed in the games department as bug testers, I’ve been assigned to art production for reasons that are as of yet unclear.  My morning consisted of a brief orientation involving the history of the company and their portfolio, followed by lunch where I talked games with the games department.  These are so my people, they’re all here cus they love games.  Yay games!

For those of you readers who might not be gamers, I’d like to leave a video by one of my favorite web series here, Extra Credits.  Those of you who are gamers should check this series out too if you haven’t.  They talk about almost every aspect of games in a very meta and academic way.  How to convey themes, character design, storytelling, and well as some of the crunchy stuff.  This particular episode involves games in a historical context.

Well my first day I was given a rundown of what I’ll be doing (I think).  That seems to be giving the art team their tasks at the beginning if each day, checking in at the end of the day and tracking progress, then the rest if the liasoning with clients (which I suspect will end up me serving as a second pair of eyes to make sure my native-Chinese coworkers aren’t missing any important subtext in English emails.  Did that for a bit on my second day, but still feeling rather vestigal, so I may request at least a part time transfer over to the games department where I have a bit more experience, hehe. We’ll see how Monday goes.  I do technically have management experience though thanks to my time at Camp and the Global Lives Project (great people, check them out below).  Still too early to call I think.  On the downside too the car drops us off at the office at 8 while no one in the office really starts working til 9-9:30, so I think I’m going to use that hour or so of time to workout and read and save me the time when I get back to campus.

Also had lunch with the production girls today and fit right in.  Had some chats about education, college, high schools etc.  understood at least 95% of everything said and contributed when I could, very comfortable, already accepted? We shall see.

Still haven’t done anything, just been watching some documentaries saved to the company server.  Some on gaming, some on Elon Musk. Go figure.  Below is not by office, but across the street from my office.



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