And the Crowd Arrives

As of today students have begun showing up, which means orientation starts tomorrow, the language pledge Saturday (but don’t worry, it doesn’t cover written word so I’ll still be here keeping y’all up to date).  It’ll be nice to get into the swing of things, I’ve been feeling a bit lethargic this past week, taking care of the stuff in the morning, going to a cafe in the afternoon for internet (finally have that in the dorms), and being lazy.  Took a practice GRE test on Sunday and scored above average, with a lot of my mistakes on the math being due simply to fatigue and not reading carefully enough, so with another three months of study I’m confident in my ability to get a decent score.  Not so much worried for admissions (I don’t think anywhere I’m looking at requires the test), but I hear that a lot of merit aid is tied to GRE scores which I will definitely need, so good idea to prep I feel.

So that’s one of my side projects for the semester, the other being finding a place to live after the first four months (when I’ll be dorming it) are done, and hashing out a good study plan with my advisor, taking care of visa stuff, learning my flowersticks, and hopefully salsa dancing!  There’s apparently a new place that opened up right next to campus!  Other than that, perhaps translating a novel as I mentioned and the good old planche.

I’ll post this for now, more later today when I get back.


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