Ice Cubes

A reference to Ice Cube’s “It was a Good Day”, cus I had a good day and thought I’d share it.  Nice day at class, then went over to a restaurant called “Portman’s” for lunch with two people from the Shenyang Consulate who were in town on business.  Despite the name, it’s actually a Russian restaurant, serving most of the same things I had at the one on Central Street that I wrote about.  Portman’s does it better though.  We had stewed mushrooms, a New Zealand spinach salad with walnuts and an orange dressing, borsch, and a couple steaks that we split.  The steaks were not bad, but not worth the money.  The rest though, was amazing and I’ll definitely be going back.  The decor is great too, very European, and you can sit on a chair with a famous Russian leader’s face on it.  Stalin, Lenin, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, and…Audrey Hepburn?

Anyway, from there I went over to Hannah’s to make lasagna before I took the oven over to my new place.  It was delicious, and fun, and I made garlic bread from scratch for the first time which went incredibly well.  Look at this bread, that’s seriously the best slice job I’ve ever done on a baguette.  With a bad knife to boot.


Then chopped some garlic, melted some butter, added the herbs, and we’re in business.  Seriously awesome, quite proud of myself.  So great night there, thought I’d share it.  Also Hannah, who doesn’t really know Simon and Garfunkel, happened to have parsely, sage, rosemary, and thyme sitting on her counter.  Completely random, I got a huge kick out of it.

That’s about it, warming up into finals, which look to be alright?  I’ve drafted both my final papers and feel good about the material on my other two classes.  So this weekend I’m handwriting one of said essays, doing other studying, and maybe doing some shopping.  Got a great Christmas present of white chocolate majohng tiles from Helen in Xi’an, almost couldn’t make myself eat them cus they were so cool.



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