Soul of the Internet

My efficiency has been completely tanked by the flu, but I want to do something, so here’s a post about my neighbors!  Along with some musings.

You may have seen them already, but I’d like to take this opportunity to formally introduce you to my furry little floormates.

First up we have 仔仔 (Zai-zai, dsai-dsaids with a z sounds as in “words”) or “Buddy”, who in Chinese is known as a Garfield cat based off the breed’s resemblance to the famous devourer of lasagna.

He’s probably the chillest out of the Queen and Cat Cafe’s five cats, kinda stupid in the words of the owner.  Easiest to pet, super furry, and seems to have impregnated Dumpling apparently.  (He’s not fixed). Despite being older he’s one of the more playful ones if you grab a toy.

This is 团子 (Tuanzi, twan-zi, short i, same z sound as above) or Dumpling who’s normally fairly aloof, but has taken a shining to me apparently, the owner says she likes me the best.  Speaking of shining, she goes nuts for a laser pointer too, hilarious and a little cruel.

Not sure what the plan is for the kittens who are due in mid-March.

Third up is 毛球 (Maoqiu, mao cheeow) of Furball who’s a bit hard to tell apart form Dumpling at first.  He kinda looks like a tiger though, all regal and whatnot.  He’s neutral towards people, but perfectly happy to be pet if you’re near him.  He and Flower who’s next on the list are really cute together, but occasionally fight which leads to him being put on a leash which makes him howl to no end.

Flower is the youngest I think, you can see her in the middle picture up above, and is a little skittish, doesn’t like being pet all the time, so you have to catch her in a good mood.  She’s the most playful of the five naturally as well.


I don’t know what the last one’s name is due to the fact that he’s very naughty and not often there.  Don’t have any pictures either, sorry.  As far as musings.  Just a feeling that I don’t often take the time to articulate my third-party opinions on subjects.  Might change that in the future on the blog if I get inspiration.  Then again, there is that quote, “better be silent and be assumed a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

Start classes this week, have a good lazy Sunday all!  Love you muchly.


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