Nothing much new to report, but here’s the trivia with answers.  Separated to make the weekend post less massive.
1. Name the fifth Marx brother who never appeared on screen.  A: Gummo Marx
2.What was Harpo Marx’s birth name that he changed to Arthur in 1911? A: Adolph.
3. The band Rush’s song YYZ takes name and opening rhythm from the code for which Canadian airport? A: Toronto!
4.What city was the Eastern terminus of the Orient Express in 1914?A: Istanbul
5. On the same album as YYZ, Rush recorded another song about which American literary character? A: Tom Sawyer
6. Which current member of Rush was not a founding member? A: Drummer Neil Peart
7. Which Chinese dynasty moved the capital from Nanjing to Beijing? A: The Ming Dynasty
8. What is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s relationship to Hamlet? A: They’re his college buddies.
9. How many stories does Moriarty appear in in original Sherlock Holmes? A: 2
10. How long was Holmes dead for? I.E. How many years in between him dying in the story and Conan Doyle resurrecting him in print? A: Ten years
11. What country is the alcohol pisco from? A: Peru
12. Make a dirty anagram out of Richard Nixon’s vice president SPIRO AGNEW’s name.
A: SPIRO AGNEW -> GROW A PENIS Apparently A GROIN SPEW is also acceptable.
13. Black tea in English corresponds to what color tea in Chinese? A: Red tea
14. What does the acronym FILTH stand for? A: “Failed In London, Try in Hongkong”
15. Exstacy is MDMA cut with another substance, traditionally an amphetamine. What is MDMA more commonly known as? Bonus, what was its original, legal usage?
A: Commonly known as Molly, MDMA was used in the 80’s in marriage counseling due to its ability to make users feel extremely affectionate and empathetic.
16. In the comic series Watchmen, what place becomes the 51st state? A: Vietnam. We win the war in that universe cus we have a super-powered being on our side.
17. Name the four great inventions of China.
A: The compass, gunpowder, block printing, and paper money.
18. Yuan dynasty playwright Guan Hanqing is often compared to which western playwright?
A: Shakespeare!
19. Name the three types of fencing swords. Need all three for the point.
A: Foil, Saber, and Epee.
20. What is the name of Charles Dickens’ unfinished novel? A: The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
21. How many crocus flowers to make a pound of saffron?
A: 75,000, ain’t that something?
22. What does the S in Harry S. Truman stand for?
A: Nothing, he just wanted a middle initial so he added it. Stands for S as well I guess
23. What is the only nonalcoholic ingredient in a corpse reviver no. 2 cocktail?
A: Lemon juice. Other ingredients are gin, absinthe, lilet, and Cointreau/curacao.
24. How many individual pieces per side in Chinese chess?
A: 16
25. What two provinces were the majority of the first Chinese in Harbin from? 1/2 point each.
A: Hebei and Shandong
26. Harbin originally consisted of which three districts?
A: Wharf (Daoli), Old City (Xiangfang), and New City (Nangang)
27. Name the Egyptian cat goddess.
A: Bastet
28. Where does the name Burma come from?
A: The majority Bamar ethnic group who historically ruled Myanmar.
29. What two colors were removed from original gay pride flag?
A: Pink and Turquoise.
30. What was the ratio of sheep to people in New Zealand as of 2015?
A: 6 to 1
31. Name the two styles of capoeira.
A: Angola and Regional
32. Name one of the five holy peaks Daoism (Also known as the五岳).
A: Any or all of Mt. Tai, Mt. Hua, Mt. Song, Mt. Heng, and Mt. Heng (there’s two)
33. Who is Bolivia named after?
A: Simon Bolivar
34. How many strikes for a perfect game in bowling? Bonus point, how many points is that?
A: 12 strikes for 300 points.
35. Where was the first campus of the University of California?
A: Berkeley
36. What country is Tom Hanks’ character from in the movie The Terminal?
A: Krakhozia
37. Dom Perignon, who invented champange was a member of which monastic order?
A: The Benedictine Monks.
38. What is the diameter of the earth?
A: 8k miles or about 13,000km
39. What is the painting La Gioconda more commonly known as?
A: The Mona Lisa
40. The only recorded death during an Olympic fencing bout occurred in what year? Bonus point for nationalities of the killer and victim.
A: Russian fencer Vladimir Smirnov was killed by Matthias Behr of West Germany in 1982 when Behr’s blade broke and stabbed Smirnov in the eye. Occurred at the 1982 world championships in Rome.

The highest score was 27 with other teams scoring significantly lower. Bye!


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