What the Hell is This?

Hey all y’all that decided to take a look at this.  This is the blog I’m going to be keeping for my time in China and possibly beyond.  It will mostly be in English with some Chinese here and there if necessary, hopefully that’s alright for everyone.  If you’re curious about the picture attached to all these posts, it’s the plant Kitkit Dizze.  Anyone who knows me knows how important Camp was to me, and Kitkit Dizze is the wonderful shrub that gave it its distinctive smell.  For me that smell always meant I was home, and the plant’s started to represent not forgetting where I came from and where I feel at home, so I though it would be appropriate as I start this next leg of life abroad.  Check back every so often and hopefully I’ll have updated it with something new and exciting.  I’m glad to be taking you all along for the ride and check back soon for more!